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最新动态 News

    In the afternoon of December 10, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xinhua Well Hydraulic System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. held grand signing and opening ceremony for their newly founded “Joint Research Lab”. Guests attending the ceremony included Chen Gang, the vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University; Li Menglin, member of Minhang Standing Committee of CPC, vice president of Minhang CPPCC and director of Minhang United Front Department; Lin Fusheng, deputy director of People’s Congress and head of the committee of Jiusan Society of Minhang District; Sun Jinkang, director of Science and Technology Commission of Minhang District, and Song Yuntang, the deputy director; Xi Lifeng, executive vice-president with School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the ceremony, Chen Gang and Li Peizhi, Chairman of Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co.,Ltd. activated the “Joint Research Lab”.

    签约仪式由新华威尔液压系统(上海)有限公司总经理许军主持,陈刚副校长、李梦麟副主席、林富生主委以及孙金康主任等领导在仪式上分别作了指示和讲话。陈刚副校长在讲话中对高校与高新科技企业的强强联手表示了充分的肯定,并对“联合研究室”的合作前景充满期待。他同时指出,“上海交通大学—新华液压公司”联合研究室是加强校企间“产、学、研”合作、促进企业研发能力、响应政府倡导科技兴国方针的积极体现。李梦麟副主席对新华液压公司目前的经营情况和优秀业绩给予了高度评价,他说“新华液压公司是我区一个非常优秀的民营科技企业。在金融危机的大环境形势下,企业销售不但没有下降,而是逆势上扬。这是企业依托科技创新提升企业核心竞争力的又一个成功案例。” 林富生主委以及孙金康主任对“联合研究室”的成立表示热烈祝贺,对联合研究室的前景充满了信心。孙金康主任引用了胡锦涛总书记提出的“四个率先”理论为这次校企合作的重要意义给予高度概括。
    The signing ceremony was hosted by Xu Jun, general manager of Xinhua Well Hydraulic System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., while vice president Chen Gang, vice president Li Menglin, Lin Fusheng and director Sun Jinkang addressed instructions and speeches respectively. Chen Gang gave positive remarks to the win-win cooperation between university and high-tech enterprise and expressed great expectation to the prospect of the “Joint Research Lab”. He also pointed out that Joint Research Lab actively reflects the strengthening cooperation of “production, learning and research” among universities and enterprises, the improvement of research capability of enterprises, and the response to government promotion of boosting the nation with science and technology. In the ceremony, Li Menglin extended high praise to the current operation of Xinhua Company and its outstanding performance. “Xinhua is an excellent private sci-tech enterprise in Minhang District. Under the condition of financial crisis, the sales amount increased against the tendency of decreasing and this is another successful case for our enterprises to advance core competence based on scientific and technological innovation”, stated by Li. Lin Fusheng and Sun Jinkang also expressed warm congratulations and both have full confidence to the future development of Joint Research Lab. Sun Jinkang quoted the “4-lead” theory proposed by General Sectary Hu Jintao to highly evaluate the significance of this university-enterprise cooperation.

    At last, Chairman Li Peizhi with Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co.,Ltd. made appreciation speech and extended sincere thanks to all leaders and guests present in the ceremony, and gave congratulations to the foundation of the “Joint Research Lab”. He said: Xinhua Well Hydraulic System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is rewarded as “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise” with its main business including research development, design, manufacturing and after-sale services of mechanical and hydraulic systems in such field as power station, steel and petrochemical industry etc., and it also received the honor of “Shanghai Minhang Little Giant Enterprise” in 2008. Its product sales have covered 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China, as well as 10 countries of four continents across the world. Leaders from Xinhua Group will continue to support and encourage Xinhua Well to seek independent innovation for continuous improvement. I hope Xinhua Well to speed up the study and master of designing, process and manufacturing technology of world class hydraulic products so as to produce nation- and world-class hydraulic technology and products with independent intellectual property rights. 

    The signing and opening ceremony was successfully completed among the warm applause of all attending people.